I started my career as a Realtor...

In 2010 I got my real estate license. Three years into the business, I realized nearly HALF of my business was coming from digital marketing, either through my website or from social media. 

Apparently this is not the norm. 

I started writing about my experience for Inman News, was featured in Realtor Magazine and was regularly being asked for advice from other agents.

At this point, I was so entrenched in the digital marketing world that I sort of forgot to sell houses...

I had found my real passion - helping Realtors help more people by utilizing digital marketing strategies. 

Ever since then I've been doing just that. I gave up my license in 2015 and have been managing marketing solutions for agents, teams and real estate training organizations. 

I've helped teams DOUBLE their repeat and referral business, find new prospects online and win more listing appoints. I've trained agents, coaches and admin staff how to market effectively. I've project managed the creation of numerous agent websites. Most importantly, I help agents and teams figure out WHICH marketing tactics are right for them, instead of selling them a one-size-fits-all package. 

It is my goal to help the industry's best Realtors help more people buy and sell homes. I look forward to helping you grow your business!     

Fun facts about me:

  • I studied Philosophy 
  • I have a Star Wars tattoo
  • I'm an improv and stand-up comedian
  • I taught myself HTML when I was 12
  • I'm a classically trained pianist


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