Are You Guilty of These 5 Facebook Real Estate Page Sins?

Let's face it, most real estate agents straight up suck at Facebook. 

Are you one of them? If you are, that's cool. I get it. You've got houses to sell! You don't have time to master the internet. That's my job! 

So let's start with the basics...

Here are 5 things you need to stop doing immediately:

1. Auto posting all of your listings

I know it saves you time, but you're better off not posting at all if you're just auto-posting listng from your website. Please stop it. I promise you, no one is seeing them. Just go on your page and check the views/likes/comments/shares yourself. 

What to do instead:

Add listings yourself to Facebook, linked to your site, with multiple photos or a slideshow. Add text to your post with listing info and talk about what you think is great about the home. Yes it takes a little more work, but you'll double the views and look like a pro.

2. Linking to sites that aren't your own

Do you post Zillow, or even Youtube links directly to your page? If so you're damaging your website's SEO. Linking your social pages to your website is so very helpful for your web site page rankings, since you're bringing more people to your site. Plus, once they're there, you can control their experience. They might read your bio, read your blog or even book an appointment.

What to do instead: 

Embed Youtube videos to your website or post videos native to Facebook. For your listings, always link to your website over a 3rd party site.

3. Boosting Posts

99% of the time boosting posts is just donating money to Facebook. Facebook optimizes boost posts to be seen by the highest number of people, not necessary the people you want to be seeing your posts.

What to do instead:

Use Facebook Ads manager for all Facebook advertising. You can customize exactly who is seeing your posts and ensure your hard earned money is being put to good use. Ads manager does give you the option to create an ad from a post as well. 

4. Posting Only Listings

We get it. You sell houses. Yes, it's okay to post about your listings, but make sure you're adding some other content in there too. Not everyone wants the same type of content over and over. 

What to do instead:

Follow the rule of thirds when it comes to Facebook posting content: one 3rd listings, one 3rd news (with context) and one 3rd personal. People want to know you are a real human being. Give them a taste of what happens behind the scenes. Snap a photo in your office. Take a quick video inside an open houses. Show them your Boss Girl outfit of the day...just be a real human being.

5. Regurgitating News Without Context

Are you guilty of sharing a real estate news story to your page without typing up any further information? Some agents might have office to a service that curates content (like BombBomb Social Prompt). While these services can be a good way for you to fill your social pages, it’s doing nothing for you if you don’t add your own flair and opinion to the post. Why would your audience read this information on your page vs. somewhere else? What’s in it for them?

What to do instead:

People are always asking “what does this mean for me?” so tell them! No one knows your audience better than you. You need to add insight to the information you provide. That’s how you showcase yourself as the expert.

Stephanie Arnold